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Add superior shine to your paint

There are two goals for polishing.  The first is to reduce defects and the second is to add shine.  

There are many types of defects that can occur in paint.  The first kind are contaminant etches--which are etches caused by contaminants.  There are many types of contaminants--bird droppings, bugs, and sap.  The contaminants land on the paint and sit for too long and etch themselves into the clear coat. 

Another type of defect is overspray.  Overspray refers to any type of chemical that landed on the vehicle, sat for too long and bonded itself to the clear coat. 

Iron contamination refers to iron particles specifically that land on the paint and bond to the clear coat.  There are visible iron contaminants that appear as red/orange dots.  There are also iron particles that are invisible.  

Another defect is oxidation.  To understand oxidation of the car paint it is necessary to understand layers of car paint.  Car paint consists of primer, then base coat, then clear coat.  When the car sits out in the sun day in and day out the sun will eventually start to damage the clear coat, which causes the paint to look dull and faded.  Polishing aims to eliminate oxidation and bring back superior shine to the paint.

Paint transfer refers to car paint from another vehicle transferred on to your vehicle. 

Lastly we have scratches.  As mentioned above, auto paint has three layers (primer, base, clear).  Scratches have a range of severity.  The more superficial the scratch is the more likely it is to be reduced.  Don's Detailing takes extreme precaution when it comes to scratches.  If a detailer is too aggressive you can burn through the clear coat meaning your car has to go to the auto body shop.  Don's Detailing approaches scratches in a way to reduce their appearance.  If you want the scratch completely eliminated then the vehicle needs to go to an auto body shop.  If your goal is to reduce scratches and enhance the overall appearance of the vehicle, then Don's Detailing is right for you.

So before any polishing is done, the vehicle gets a full exterior detail.  That is going to degrease the tires and wheel wells, remove brake dust and shine up the rims, shine the tires, wash the entire vehicle and remove all the contaminants.  

When it comes to actually polishing, there are two options a customer can choose.


The first option is a one step polish.  This polishing option is designed for most people.  A one step polish uses a finishing polishing that is going to shine up the paint and it is going to reduce 40%-50% of defects in the paint.

Starting at $300

*Full size SUV's/Minivans/Vans/Trucks: $330*


The second option is for the extreme car enthusiast.  A two step polish uses a compound to reduce the heavy defects.  Then a finishing polish is used to reduce the finer defects and shine up the paint.  This is going add beautiful shine and reduce 80%-90% of defects.

Starting at $500

*Full size SUV's/Minivans/Vans/Trucks: $560*

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