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Full exterior detail

Get your vehicles paint cleaned properly and safely

Car paint has three layers: first primer, then base coat, and lastly clear coat.  Clear coat is what gives the paint its gloss and protection.  Clear coat scratches very easily and is also very thin.  Clear coat is easily susceptible to scratches.  In order to reduce these scratches, the paint must be polished.  Not only is polishing expensive, but a vehicle can only be polished 3-5 times in its lifetime or before it needs to be resprayed.  So ultimately it is essential that a vehicle is washed correctly and safely.  Don's Detailing washes include a full prespray, a spray on soap foam, a one bucket towel method where a series of towels are placed in a bucket of soapy water and removed one at a time as needed.  When a towel is dirty it is set aside and a new towel is grabbed, a dirty towel is never put back into the clean bucket.

Another issue that occurs on the outside of the vehicle is brake dust.  Brake dust is metallic and if left too long it can permanently etch itself into the wheels.  Don's Detailing chemically removes brake dust using an iron remover.  The wheel wells and tires are also degreased and are given a shine.

Going back to the paint now.  The wash takes away a lot of the dirt but there will be bonded contaminants that remain.  Bonded contaminants include bugs, bird droppings, sap, and invisible iron contamination.  Don's detailing removes all of these contaminants.

Finally, a high quality paste wax is applied by hand to all of the paint and head/tailights.  A dressing is applied to all black trim and tires.  All door trims are cleaned.  Glass is cleaned inside and out.

Starting at $100

*Full size SUV's/Minivans/Vans/Trucks: $115*

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