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Headlight restoration

Get crystal clear headlights again

Clear headlights are crucial for safety.  Unfortunately they are prone to fading.  Headlights are given a layer of clear coat to protect the lens.  Over time, this clear coat, if not properly maintained, can begin to oxidize and leave a hazy yellowish hue to them that is unsightly and detracts from the overall appearance of your vehicle.  They can also make it hazardous to drive at night.

Headlight restoration aims to restore the lenses to their original clarity.  To do this, headlights must first be wet sanded.  Basically that is spraying a lubricant over the headlights, such as soapy water, and taking a fine grit sandpaper and rubbing it over the headlight.  This will remove the oxidation.  Before this is begun, the headlights perimeter is taped off to avoid the sand paper from contacting the paint surrounding the headlight.  Headlights are then compounded and polished to remove the sanding marks revealing a crystal clear headlight again.  The lenses are then given a wax protection.

Standard price:


*An optional upgrade is instead of the wax you can have a ceramic coating applied to the headlights.  A ceramic coating is a semi-permanent sealant that goes on clear and hardens creating a shell over a surface.  This coating is extremely durable and takes the brunt of any scratches or other damage.  Due to the nature of the coating, these defects are much easier to remove from the coating than they are if the defects were directly on the plastic.  Another amazing feature is that with the ceramic coating you are getting the highest level of gloss that you can possibly get.  As if this cannot get any better, this coating will last upwards to 1.5 to 2 years!* 

Upgrade charge: $20.

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