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Full interior detail

Remind yourself what its like to be in a new car without the new car payment

The full interior detail aims to restore the vehicles interior to the best that it can possibly be.  Will the interior look exactly how it did when it came from the factory?  The answer varies.  The end result of the full interior detail varies depending on several factors.  Has the vehicle's interior been maintained on a regular basis?  Certain types of dirt and debris can cause permanent damage that will never be fully restored.  Does the vehicle have floor mats?  Vehicles without floor mats can cause carpet to be permanently worn down.  At this point it is a repair issue, not a detailing issue.  In other words, interior detailing will make the vehicle look as new as it possibly can but sometimes there are parts of the vehicle that are simply repair issues, not detailing issues.

So what can you expect from an interior detail?  First, the entire headliner is cleaned.  Headliner is the material that covers the ceiling of the vehicle.  This is scrubbed gently.  Care needs to be used as headliner is glued to the roof of the car and if the glue is damaged the headliner will begin to sag.  Next all the rubber/plastic/vinyl areas including the dashboard, steering column, entertainment console, and middle console are deep cleaned using foaming agent, and hot steam.  All other rubber/plastic/vinyl surfaces including door panels and cup holders are all cleaned.  Next all the door jams are cleaned.  The vehicle is treated to a full vacuum including the trunk.  Then all the seats, carpets, and carpeted floor mats are shampooed and extracted.  Finally, the glass is cleaned inside and outside.

Starting at $150

*Full-size SUV's/Minivans/Vans: $170*

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